Monday, October 25, 2010

A New Outlook

I finally finished that first draft of the story! I did it last wednesday, I think; I took the rest of the week to free my mind and give it a rest. I read, watched movies, and also started nurturing the early bids of those other ideas I had told you before. All in all it was a good week and I'm super excited because of the Writer's Digest Conference in NY in January; I will be there for sure!

Where am I in my writing? Well, I'm seriously doubting the story is publishable in its present state; it needs editing obviously but most importantly, it is way too long for a short and not enough for a "stand alone". I have to chose which way it will go and that's why, after writing this update, I will do my best to read it as a reader and not as the author. I also asked different people to give me their opinions about it and I'll try to use all these feed back in order to reach a decision.

Somedays I wonder if I'll be able to get a finished product that's worthy of being published. Last night I couldn't sleep and watching TV they aired Stephen King's biography. I have followed him since my early teens and I'd heard his bio before but with my aspirations at the moment, I listened with different ears. It took him ten years to get a novel published, ten years! He was, as he still is, a production machine that then wrote short stories like hot pancakes. A lot of magazines paid for his stories but he was neither famous nor rich; those days were still in the distant future. He was perseverant and never let go of his dream.

I signed in for this marathon a little late on my life but I'm still young and if I'm willing to persevere no matter how long it takes and how many rejection slips I get, I might become good enough to one day see my name in the cover of a paperback. All the stress and the feeling that time was running out has gone for now and I'm just interested in putting in as much time as it takes to write a decent story, weather it be big or small; as long as it is decently crafted, I don't care so much.

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