Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good News

Well, I can finally call myself a Published Writer.

I left you at the point where I was editing my Short Story and Novelette. It turns out the Novelette was a far cry from ready; upon re-reading it I found it complicated at some parts where a lot of information was cramped and became confusing. You could say I wrote it anew. The bones were there but I didn't like the narrative and, in general, I found it terrible. I worked with it for a few weeks and came out much better and just in time for that deadline I told you about. The other story I sent was "Francis"; complete at 4000 words (more or less) I barely tweaked it after having sent it for the Contest.

Yesterday night I submitted both works and this morning; yes, this morning! (It was so fast!) I got my answer: Post Mortem Press will publish an Anthology of New Horror called "Isolation" where "Francis" will be included; it will be released in late January and the editor added he might be interested in publishing the Novelette, "Perpetual Night", as an anchor for a future publication.

OMG!! I read the mail while in bed this morning and jumped out so fast I almost fell when my feet got caught in the bedclothes. I jumped, cried, screamed... you name it. As you can imagine, I'm beyond happy but I'm also trying to keep my cool and reminding myself that I have to keep working and pray for many encores before I can genuinely call myself an Author.

I will start working in that other story I have in the rough and I have a great idea for a new one; in the mean time I'm enjoying myself today. YAY!!

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