Thursday, December 16, 2010

Developing a Game Plan

Ok. I'm officially on vacation from French school, which is great; I needed a break. It's been a great experience and, even though I started with doubts, now I feel really happy since I've come to see a clear advance in my french; I even can make myself understood! Anyway, right now great news are cooking; I can't share the details until everything is settled but I'm super happy. Life is giving me a great big smile these days and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can because everything that comes up has to come down and I want to remember how good it feels right now to give me strength when things don't turn out the easy way.

I've had very few time to write something new but I expect to recover some time through the next few weeks. I have a story pretty much shaped and today I'll try to advance it as much as I can; the goal is to have it ready by monday and use next week to go forward with the other one. Those magazines for writers I've told you about have some kind of "classifieds" where other magazines that are interested in publishing new authors post their information; that's my next move. Once I have at least two more stories I'll start knocking on different doors to try to get my name across as many people as a Short Fiction writer can. The point is to broad my curriculum. Some Publishers looking for new novels ask about "Credentials"; well, so far only one editor knows my work and even though it'll be published, that won't mean much for somebody else. If different editors in different magazines (and hopefully, different contests) have been interested in my work, then an Agent or Publisher might feel a bit more inclined to read what I have to show; at least that's what my logic tells me... I might have it completely wrong but in the worst of cases, at least I'll feel better knowing that more than one person thinks my stories are worth it.

Well then, I have work to do! I promise I'll come back soon to let you in on my secret and give you details of how everything is going.

See you soon!!

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