Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sales Agent

A few weeks have gone by since my first novel was published. At first I had no idea of what to expect or how these things work; I was kind of expecting that adds would appear in magazines right away, there'd be critics posting its opinion in a few media and if I was really lucky, maybe doing an interview or a signing of books... you know what I mean: SELLING MY BOOK.

Well, as things work out, it is a lot slower than I thought. The adds that have been already paid are supposed to appear printed in march, a few copies will be send soon to specific targets like critics, news, magazines and small libraries; and a possible, and I repeat POSSIBLE signing of books might happen some time in august... a whole six months after the book's being available in libraries...

BTW, did I forget to tell you I live in Canada and my editor in Ohio??? Yeah, that's right. Now I'm confronted with a situation in which I have to find the time to learn how to promote a book on my own and learn the ropes not only of a writer, but as my own agent here in Montreal. All these of course, when like everybody else, the one thing I have not is TIME. Anyway, there's agencies that are dedicated to this but the other thing I don't have is money; and then, here I am looking through several newspapers trying to figure out who should I call and how should I let them know about my novel. Trust me, it'd be a daunting task for the ablest and I'm the kind of person who is unable to sell water in the desert. What more can I say but: HELP! Anyone out there that could lend me a hand or that has any ideas as to where to go or who to call, I'll be forever in your debt.

I hope little by little word of mouth will mount up as more people in the real world gets in contact with the book; and as my Publishing House grows, it will bring more exposition to the novel. With a bit of luck I'll get out of this not with a bestseller, but with a decent-seller and a lot more knowledge. Wish me luck!

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