Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ideas, Ideas...

Today I'm enjoying a well deserved long weekend with my husband's cousin in Jersey. The weather has been nice; humid and mild compared to cold, cold Montreal and though rain threatened to ruin our day, it was kept at bay by the good gods that protect tired student-mothers on vacations.

Right about now, my mental batteries are 'bout half way up in recharge and, by tuesday, I'll be fired up and ready to go. My trusty quality supervisor (the husband) hasn't yet been able to proof-read my previous story, Feast Day. I'm hoping he'll get to it through the week and I'll be checking mags taking in submissions as soon as I finish this update.

Next week I'll send a few mails everywhere and start to make the rounds trying to get it published. The other thing that'll keep me thoroughly busy is to start working in two different stories where I already have the generals written and it's time to get to the narrative. There are actually quite a few in the works: there's the one that involves 'end of the world' kinda stuff with a touch of biblical spices; this one is planned to be a series of short stories all intertwined by a few threads only, so, in all reality, these are a pack of five short stories. Then there's the one that deals with japanese ghost lore; and finally the one that I'm planning to write in spanish...

So, lots of ideas to chose from... not enough time. What is one to do? I don't know if I should go for the shortest ones and work up to the lengthiest or the other way around. It's a hard decision but, since I'm supposed to be back at french school by the first week of may, I'll go with the shortest and work hard to get that first draft soon; then keep going for the other first drafts. When I have them, start all over again with the seconds and so forth until I get to a satisfactory bunch of final manuscripts... in say, six to eight months?

I always blow up my schedules; I'm lousily bad organized like that. But there's no hurry, all that matters is good stories, right? And maybe a few good mags and editors interested in them.

As labours are reassumed and work advanced, I'll keep updating you and maybe even giving you a few glimpses into the stories.

Don't go too far.

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