Friday, April 15, 2011


A few years ago, I went with my sister in law to the movies to watch "The Haunting in Connecticut". We had fun, screamed a bit  and laughed a lot since the guy next to us spent the whole movie rocking himself front to back and saying "I'm scared" while covering his eyes... now, that's what I call entertaining.

During the movie, one of the characters recites fragments of a Hughes Mearns' poem and fragments of another poem that caught my attention. After some research I came to know the second one is considered a "Lying song" that's aimed at being a moral exercise and there are other kind of 'poems' called "Nonsense Verses". The latter have become a bit of a passion of mine but it's not easy to find information about them.

Anyway, that's when I decided to try my hand at this kind of writing. I wrote poetry very early in my life, most always in spanish and not very successfully; but I was a child. As years went by, I kept writing poetry and, I have to say, there are a few that still today give me goosebumps. As you all know, I eventually transitioned to short stories and novel but my curiosity about poetry has always rested within me. Here I share with you my first attempt at a "Nonsense verse" and, though I know it's no master piece, I think you might enjoy it.


Timmy visits me everyday,
the dark of night lights his way.
I see him walking without legs.
Please, please go away.
The dead boy lively chats
in an empty house full of life.
I ask him to leave me alone,
but he comes back even more.
He'll haunt my dead soul as I live,
how I wish him to be free.
On the day and night that become one,
the sun shines dark and
the moon rises high;
on such day he'll go home
dancing sadly without song.
Rejoicing many that he's here,
going closer without feet.
He visits me every night,
even when nobody's around
please... please, go away!
but he misses me, he says.

By Georgina Morales.

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