Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Hop

As I've said before, I love October and I adore Halloween; it's a great time for fun stuff like horror movies, creepy books, and scary monsters. Now, there are many people out there who share this love and they have all kinds of cool information in their blogs about all that makes this time of year so much fun. In this spirit, I've entered the Halloween Blog Hop and I'm inviting you to check out the blogs and like those that give you the best goosebumps. If you have spooky stories, books, or movies you'd love to share, get your blog on the list!

 Here are the rules:

 1) Add your blog to the list below.

 2) Over the Halloween weekend (October 28-31) visit as many of the other blogs listed below as you wish. 

3) Be sure to mention your favorite monster movie or book and your Halloween costume this year.

4) If you like the blog, follow it!

 5) Grab the badge here and stick it on your blog for a few weeks to spread the word! (If you scratch it, it smells like pumpkin).


Shilpa said...

I am hosting no horror stories on my blog but the idea sounds cool! All the best with it!

Gina said...

Thanks Shilpa, I wish you the best, too. I'll check it out!

LIFE IS . . . FICTION said...

Hoppin down the blog trails!
Fav. monster movie....ready? Monsters Inc!
IT was the scariest book I've ever read, too. EEK!
Costume~cat of course!
Happy happy hopping trails!
A pumpkin 4U!
Come see my kitty then
follow me 'cause I'm following you!

Author R G Porter said...

Hip hop time!! Just swinging in to say hi. :)
Favorite movie: Adore all the Resident Evils. Cannot get enough of them.
Book: Classic Bram Stoker. Still have an old version of it of my father's. :)
Costume: Me, myself and I.

R.G. Porter

Jeremy Bates said...

thanks for participating!
my favorite horror is alien
and i was an army guy this year because everyone where i am (philippines) calls foreigners Joe as in GI Joe from when America occupied over here! lol
anyway hope to see u around!