Monday, October 17, 2011

Coffin Blog Hop Giveaway

Halloween is encroaching on us and as part of the Coffin Hop Blog I'll be hosting my first Giveaway. I'm very happy to announce I'll be giving two hard copies of the book Isolation, an anthology of new horror that includes amazing stories of sixteen authors, among which lies one of my own.

Te rules are the following:

  • Follow this blog (if you aren't a follower already), however, old followers won't get any extra points. Sorry, guys!
  • In the comments section below write a ghost story. It can be real or fiction, your own experience or one you heard long ago around a bonfire, it doesn't matter. Just make it scary!
  • You have from this very moment until friday 31st at midnight (ET).
  • There will be two judges. Each judge will chose its favorite and publish their selected story with a blurb about what made that story a winner. The announce will be made on saturday november 5th.
  • So easy!! C'mon, scare us silly.

About our judges:

Larry Fowler the talented author of Literary Fiction. Larry's novel, Lincoln's Diary, was recently reviewed by the popular book reviewer Deborah Previte, who had this to say about it: A "tantalizing" and "intelligent"story whose protagonist, Sarah, is "a smart and resourceful character, (...) vulnerable and with a baggage that holds her back at times. Kind of a female MacGyver".

Like most people, Sarah Sue Morgan’s hackles go up when she’s held back from the truth. But when the truth includes an unpublished diary that could prove Abraham Lincoln arranged his own assassination, the truth could kill. 

While digging into her own family's well kept secrets, Sarah learns her mysterious grandfather once cherished a private Lincoln diary he’d received as gift. And when she goes to confront a professor who she believes conned her mother out of the family heirloom, she’s accused of his murder.

On the run from police and a powerful conspiracy that’s determined to destroy anything or anyone connected to the diary, Sarah turns to the only person she trusts  – herself – to find the diary and expose the real killer. But after she stares death in the face and reaches out to strangers for help, betrayal is right around the corner.

To know more about Larry or his work, visit his site DL Fowler Novels

Renee Pawlish, successful writer of bestselling novel Nephilim, Genesis of Evil. Renee is presently promoting her latest story Sallie House: Exposing the Beast Within, a tell all novel about one of the most famous haunting in America.

Due to the dangers inherent to paranormal investigations, few groups dare explore the darkest haunting cases; however, one team of investigators took the risk of going where few others had. The RIDDIA (Rhode Island Demonic Disturbance Investigative Association) has garnered a reputation as the Navy Seals of the paranormal investigative world, a team willing to pursue dark and demonic hauntings. When the RIDDIA team visited the notorious Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas, they were the first to assume that the entities infesting the house were demonic and the first to challenge the authority of those spirits. This is the story of what happened through those fateful three days to Joe Cetrone and his team while investigating the Sallie House, encountering the demonic in ways that affected them long after leaving.

To know more about Renee and her extensive work, visit her blog To Become a Writer


Anne Michaud said...

The house was so cold, each breath dissipated into a plume of smoke. The floor cracked underfoot, ready to collapse under my weight. One step too far, I lost balance, but a hand held me tight. No one was there, and the grasp at my arm left me chilled for days.

Happy ghoolish hop:)

Jennifer S said...

This really happened to me. Scared the crap out of me too.

A few years ago my now hubby and I were parked in a little clearing. It was a great little hidey hole, woods all around us, a decent size clearing to park in. We'd been there several times before. This particular night the moon was shiny very bright. At one point I just happened to look out the front windshield and saw a man walking towards us. We were out in the middle of nowhere, there was nothing but woods in front of us so I automatically assume he's some deranged killer right out of the movies. I freaked out, every slasher flick I ever saw was running through my head. Mike (my hubs) rolled down his window a little bit to see what the guy wanted, after cracking the window a bit he turned his headlight on... no one was there. He was convinced our eyes were playing tricks on us but I know what I saw. The man had on overalls, a flannel shirt and one of those railroad caps. Convinced all is right in the world, he rolls his window back up and cuts off the lights and there the man is again. There wasn't anywhere for him to hide, so I have no idea how he "disappeared" when the lights came on, other than the fact that I was convinced he was a ghost. We hightailed it out of there and never.. NEVER went back.

Jennifer S said...

I forgot to leave you a way to get in touch with me... Sorry. (at)

RJ Palmer said...

Halloween Hop

I would like to thank every blogger who has participated in this hop.

I have looked around at the posts on this blog and I can tell you now that I will be back to read more. Hopefully we can get some more followers to this blog.

To any new readers go ahead and comment as us bloggers really live for the interaction.

My Favorite Monster movie - The Fly
My Costume - The Invisible Woman
And I am now a follower (woogie)

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Anonymous said...

My scariest memory happened when I was around eight. It involves my dad (aren’t dad’s great for that?) My parents had a friend that lived out on a farm way out in the middle of nowhere. We went out there quite often. Most of the drive was along dusty, gravel roads. On one of the roads, there was a small graveyard. When I say along the road, I literally mean just that. The cemetery was an island in the road! There was were old willow trees with bony branches hanging over maybe 10 or 12 old Victorian-style headstones- all bordered by a wrought iron fence. You had to drive around this cemetery to go past. One night we headed out to my father’s friends house, my dad was really playing up how the full moon brings out the spirits, and he had heard there were ghost sightings at the cemetery lately. I was in the backseat already shaking and not wanting to drive past it. As we approached the graveyard, he pretended like the car died and it slowed to a crawl right, wheels crunching under the gravel which sounded to me like bones breaking. The car stopped and he pushed the lights off. The world vanished in darkness. My sister and I were screaming. My dad said he couldn’t get the car started. I was about to come out of my skin. Our eyes adjusted to the glow of the moonlight. Dad said he saw something moving around by one of the headstones. He said he was going to check it out. I begged him to stay in the car; just get it started and get out of here. However, he got out and started walking up to the fence. The gate squealed as he opened it….then two figures dressed completely in white emerged from behind a large headstone. The ghosts came right for my dad. My dad screamed, nearly fell over, and ran back to the car. We were all screaming. He slammed the door revved the engine and sped away. To this day he swears he didn’t know there was anybody in the graveyard hiding…looking back, I tell myself there had to have been a couple of kids drinking or smoking pot or something and saw an opportunity to be scare somebody.

balitiger at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

One night, after I'd had a few too many, I got behind the wheel and drove home as cautiously as I could. Yeah, terrible move on my part but it was 2 in the morning and I knew all the side streets to use to avoid 5-0 noticing me, plus I never strayed from the speed limit. The second to last turn approached and I stared right at it, focused as all hell on getting my car back in the driveway. I didn't see her. I was staring at the crosswalk, begun my turn and there she was - a little girl - ten or so. Thankfully, she stopped crossing when she saw me, and I stopped as I saw her. I looked at her, hair disheveled and ratty clothes, and she waved me on. I held my hand up in thanks, and slowly finished the turn. When I looked in the rear-view, she was gone.

*NOTE* While based on a true story, I would NEVER drive drunk.

Anonymous said...

My mother and I were driving late at night. I was in high school and she had just picked me up from a school function. The night was cold,dark and stormy. We were driving on deserted rural roads and had barely seen any cars. All of a sudden, the car made some strange noises and came to a standstill. Nothing my mother could do, would make it go again. We both reached for our mobile phones. No signal. We were stranded. There were dark forests on either side of us. We were two woman alone on a dark rural road with a broken down car and no signals on our mobile phones. We both prayed. (I must mention that the area we were in was renowned for car-hijackings and murders.) We waited a while, about half an cars, no people just darkness and the sounds of the night bush surrounded us, trapped us. Then we both heard a car coming over the hill behind us. It was a broken down old pickup truck with two men in the front. We were both petrified now. We had no weapons and no hope for help. The driver stopped his truck behind us. Both men sat there for a while. So did we. Then the driver opened the door and got out. He stood next to his truck for a few moments, contemplating. Our hearts were beating violently in our chest at this point. Then the man walked towards my mother's door. He knocked on her closed window. At this point, I silently wondered if I could knock the guy out but realised with the other guy I had no hope of that. My mom opened her window slightly. "Yes"
"Ma'am do you need some help?"
"Uh...Yes I do...But its ok, people are on their way. My husband has just walked down the road, he should be back any minute."
This was a lie. Nobody was coming. My father was miles away at home not aware of our dire predicament.
"Ma'am, crank open the bonnet. Let me see what the problem is.You don't have to fear me or my friend. We come in peace."
My mother pondered this and then popped the bonnet open. I was getting ready to run at this point.
The man fiddled with a few things then walked back to his pickup truck. He opened the bonnet of his own vehicle and fiddled some more. Then he closed the bonnet of his vehicle and walked back. He had something in his hand. He walked to the front of our bonnet and tinkered again for a few moments. Then he closed our bonnet and gave us a thumbs up.
All the while, I was looking backwards, keeping an eye on the other guy who remained motionless in their pickup truck. I did not take my eyes off him.
My mother turned the key in the ignition and our car started. Both our faces wreathed in smiles. I looked away from the pickup truck for a moment to look at the driver who should have been standing by our car. There was nobody there. I looked behind our car, looking for the pickup truck. There was no truck. There had been no sound of a vehicle starting. The pickup truck and two me just vanished...almost as if they were never there. We drove home in silence.
The next day my mother took our car to the workshop. The mechanic looked at it and after we explained what had happened, he told us there was no way that pickup truck could have driven away. The mysterious driver had taken a vital item from his own engine to replace the faulty one in ours.
I will never forget that night.
Ghosts? Spirits? Angels? You decide...

- Kim.
hopping from "Wrestling the Muse"
email: last_lines (at) me (dot) com

Gina said...

All of the stories are great and this will be a tough decision. The winners of a copy of the horror anthology ISOLATION will be announce in this blog and on Facebook on friday. Good luck to everyone ant thanks so much for your participation!