Friday, November 4, 2011

Coffin Hop Winners!

So, the time has come to announce the happy winners of our Halloween Coffin Hop. I have to say all the stories were good and it was hard for the lovely judges Larry Fowler and Renee Pawlish to choose only one each. 

Renee's favorite was:  Tata ta ta! Kim's story (kkoning78). This one gave me chills but also a nice feeling afterwards. Nicely done.

To know more about Renee or her work, please visit  Renee Pawlish where you can find a link to all of her work.

Now, Larry's fave was:  Drum roll, please! Anne Michaud!! This is very sharp telling, indeed. Anne's story is short but packs a punch!

Congrats to everyone. I'll get in contact with the winners to send them their copy of ISOLATION as soon as possible.

Thanks to all for making this possible. Now, I leave you with a few words from Larry Fowler explaining why Anne's story captivated him so much. If I were you, I'd read on...

All the stories entertained me, but I chose the story by Anne Michaud because, though it was short, I could see her fighting to maintain her balance, just to be snatched out of the air by a ghost. The small details in it like"the breath dissipating in a plume of smoke" gave me the sense that I was right there with her.

About me and what may capacitate me to identify a piece of fine writing; besides being an avid reader, I'm a writer. I write thrillers, and I do so because my goal is to keep you on the edge of your seat while I touch the depth of your soul. Kind of like Nicholas Sparks meets Dan Brown.

What do I write about? Well, let me inside your head and I'll probably write about what I find.

Why do I write? Good question! Doing in bad guys is my therapy. It's cheaper and it gives me an illusion of control.

Where do I get my stories? I let the characters talk to me.

Why did I pick Lincoln as a subject? This is an even better question. You're good! I was depressed and learned that he struggled with depression, too. I thought I could learn something from him. After all, he accomplished a lot. But when I learned how much baggage he carried into adulthood, and how much more tragedy he suffered as an adult, I was in awe.  So I decided to create a story where a modern young woman reflects Lincoln’s psychology, and she uses the same techniques he employed, overcoming extraordinary obstacles to achieve impossible results.

This is it, the basics. LD Fowler 101. But if you'd like to know more, you can dig in at - I'm also on Twitter (@dlfowlernovels), Facebook and I blog via Wordpress. I'll be delighted to see you around.

Larry's debut novel, Lincoln's Diary, is available for Kindle, Nook and Google eBooks as well as paperback. Is it conceivable that President Lincoln helped plan his own assassination? When 
Sarah Sue Morgan starts chasing the truth, what she finds out could end up costing her life.


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