Friday, December 23, 2011

And the Winners Are...

Well, hopper creep-loving friends, the curtain has quickly fall upon us. The end of the Creepfest has found me half mad with all the Christmas preparations, but before I can cook and decorate with abandon, I must set you free.

The Mystery Game was, without a doubt, one of the most interesting exercises on creative writing I've done in quite a while. It was also quite satisfactory to see many people following the thread and showing interest in it. Thanks to all for coming back for more, without you this blog hop wouldn't have been such a success. I wish you all a great celebration in this impending holiday, and may the next year be full of blessings, success, love, and health for you and your kin.

Now, without more ado... who is the mystery writer? Why, Dean Koontz, alright!

The clues were: Black River, Hideaway, Mr. Murder, Watchers, The Intruder, Whispers, and 77 Shadow Street is the name of Koontz's fresh-out-of-the-oven, about-to-be-realeased novel.

Erick Geoffrey was the great mind with the fastest fingers who is now the happy owner of the latest John Saul novel, House of Reckoning. Mary Rajotte and Renee Pawlish were not as fast, but equally clever in getting the right answers. For each I have a Smashwords copy of my own Perpetual Night.

It was a great pleasure to be in the company of such creative minds as those behind the Creepfest. I'm honored to call myself their peer and I'll be delighted to hop with them in the future. Merry Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Solstice, or whatever you choose to celebrate!

Don't forget to hop, hop, hop; there's still a lot going on in the Creepfest.



Mary Rajotte said...

Woo! Congrats to Erick and Renee! Can't wait to read Perpetual Night!

Renee Pawlish said...

Cool thanks!

Geoffrey said...

Thank you! Congrats to Mary and Renee too! Actually, just for the record, my real name is Kevin....I use Geoffrey as he is the protagonist in my books!

Have a great holiday...Kevin (

RL.Treadway said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog but most of all - concocting such a cool contest for the Creepfest. I really suck at mysteries ;-)so I didn't even try. lol.
Have a Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Hi Georgina!
It’s Ro from Ro-alwaysinpired!
I would like to award you the Versatile blog award for your amazing writing! You can get it at:

All the best for your blog in 2012, I'll stay tuned!