Thursday, December 15, 2011

Creepfest Mystery Game, Part 2

It was coming, Amanda could feel it in her skin. A tingling sensation running through her body. Her 'spidey sense' just recently acquired but fully alive telling her she needed to run, hide where the golden enemy couldn't reach her.

She looked at the body in front of her, half eaten, then down to herself all covered in blood. She cried. A little over a week ago she felt so happy and alive; life couldn't be better for her. She'd won a full scholarship into one of the most prestigious universities in the country and her boyfriend of three years had finally popped the question. How could it all go so God-awfull wrong?

The tingling running through her veins became stronger. Death was coming closer and she looked all around her for a Hideaway, but there was nowhere to go. She was on a beautiful plain that reached as far as her eyes could see, not a tree, not a rock on the horizon.

Last tuesday Allison convinced her to accompany her to a psychic reading. Amanda wasn't overly religious, but psychics were not her cup of tee. Allison begged her, promising all kinds of things, from an outing to her favorite caffe, to doing all her chores for a month. She finally relented. 

At the beginning, it'd been fun. The woman was pleasant, chatty, and good humoured. Allison blurted anxiously all the typical questions: Who am I going to marry?, Will I be successful? And the woman came back with all the typical happy answers: You'll be greatly loved, your hard work will pay off, you'll have 23 children and a house with white-picket fence. Yadda, yadda. Amanda doze off.

The psychic came into the little waiting room and told her it was her turn.

"Wait, what? I-I..."

"Oh, don't worry child. You're friend has paid for you, too."

Amanda was fully awake by now and shot an angry look at Allison as she took her turn in the comfy red sofa. Very nervous, Amanda decided to try the safest question she could think off.

"Will I be happy?"

The woman shuffled the cards and invited Amanda to select three. The first depicted a man laying on the floor with ten swords sunken into his back. The second, a hooded man standing in front of three overthrown cups with two more still standing behind him. The last one, that of a tower being hit by lightning, burning away with people falling from it.

That doesn't look good. Oh, God, why doesn't it look good?- She thought, now twisting her hands uneasily. The woman's face turned gray. She was uncomfortable and doubted for a moment before speaking up again, which made Amanda worry even more.

"I'm so sorry but there are no good news. Terrible changes are coming your way and there's nothing you can do to avoid it. Life as you know it, will cease to exist."

"Wha-what do you mean 'cease to exist'?" Amanda was surprised but most of all, upset. She was sure Allison had planned for this and the woman was playing her a cruel joke.

"Listen to me child, your soul depends on it. Do not fall pray to false starts, it'll condemn your soul."

The woman's countenance was grave, this was no joke. Allison got through the curtains, clearly as upset as her by the psychic's warning. Amanda's heart sank. She didn't understand what the woman was trying to prevent her from doing. She opened her mouth to ask, but Allison grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the store's door.

"The murderers are eating the flesh of the ones they killed," were the last words the psychic blurted before they ran out the door. Amanda turned to see the woman a second before the door hid her from view. In her face, two white marbles instead of eyes, her mouth twisted in the meanest expression she'd ever seen. 

When the time comes, don't run from the light. It'll set you free- rang the psychic's voice in Amanda's head as a last piece of advice.

She spent days convincing herself those terrifying words were but a figment of her imagination, and dismissing the whole thing as the ramblings of a con artist trying to scare her to squeeze more consultations, and money, out of her. As it turned out, they weren't.

Amanda looked at her hands and clothes. The blood was drying, making her skin feel flakey and uncomfortable. The rush the gushing liquid had brought her was now slowly disappearing, and the hunger started to grow inside of her, again. 

The one that would take revenge for her deeds was casting a bright light that shone in the horizon, barely visible now but imminent none the less. Ignoring the corpse in front of her, she fixed her gaze on the dandelions that were to be her bed of death. How peaceful the plain appeared.

Two days after the readings she'd been mugged; or at least that's what she thought. This man assaulted her while she was walking back home from work after a long day. She felt nothing but a hard knock to her head that turned all the lights off. She was left wounded and confused. When Amanda crawled up from under the little pedestrian bridge in Central Park where she'd been abandoned, nothing was the same. She was different. She could feel things in a way she had never before. Her senses more alive than ever. And a thirst that would be her perdition. The moon silvery light on her felt so good, almost appropriate. How long had she been there? Amanda had no idea. A late runner came in her direction, unable to see her figure crouching under the night. It was a man listening to his ipod: Britney Spears. It was so loud she wondered if the man was deaf on top of lame, and when he came close to her, she had to fight the strong impulse to jump on him. It took all of her self control. 

From then on she hid from human contact, sleeping through the day and walking through the night. Until last night. She'd been walking aimlessly, avoiding high traffic streets and using parkways where less people walked and more animals were available. Then a dumb kid lost his dog. He came out yelling its name without caring who else would hear him. He had walked past the woods and closer to her. After five days of walking and barely eating...

The sun was coming out. When the time comes, don't run from the light. It'll set you free.She remembered, -It'll set you free.-

Looking at the carcass of the boy in front of her she asked him for forgiveness, then she closed her eyes and awaited her destiny.


Don't forget to keep hopping about and enjoy from this Second Day of Creepfest.

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Loved the story...gave me chills...which are the best kinds of stories!
Happy Creepfest
- Kim
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