Thursday, December 15, 2011

Creepfest Mystery Game, Part 3

Linda walked briskly towards salvation trying to disappear against the fading yellow wallpaper. She hated this run down place that had become her prison. She looked over her shoulders, afraid his hideous face would pop up from anywhere, snatching her last breath and condemning her to a life of endless torture. This was not a safe place.

Low voices floated in the air, full of fear and apprehension; mostly sad utterances from previous victims. They were like ghostly murmurs that lacked life and scared her with the prospect of becoming one herself.

"Mr. Murder is looking for you. Run!"

"You can still make it."

Linda could hear his steps resonate in the hallway, relentlessly looking for a new victim to keep in his lair. She wanted to run but she knew this would only make her an easy target to identify. No, she needed to be smart and control her panic. Her best tactic was to become invisible, move lightly, and try to be one step ahead. 

Things hadn't been right for quite awhile, first it was Jason, conspicuously absent from the lunchroom day after day. Then came Rosselyn, it'd been weeks now since they'd last talk. One by one her friends and peers had vanished from all their usual places, their families left wondering if they will ever see them again.

She had to escape. This curse would not get to her. Salvation was within her grasp now. She could see the doors to freedom a few steps from her when the monster laughed to her left. A cruel laugh that made her blood ran cold. He was close.

She ducked behind a fake wall and listened.

“Great joke, Marcy, but have you seen Laura? I need her to join her group, help them pin down the details on that huge merger we’ve been working on for weeks. They’ve been asking for her!”

Marcy kept the eyes of the monster on her but clued Laura to dart for the stairs. Laura smiled.

When the orange tones of the sky touched her skin, she breathed relieved. In her mind a grateful thought to her last ally.

But let those traitors’ social media life die!



Mary Rajotte said...

I think I know who it is! :)

Happy Creepfest!

Gina said...

Oh, you clever girl!! You're fast, too! XD