Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

When I started this blog in late 2009, I had no idea of what I was going to write about or if someone might be interested in reading. I started, nonetheless. Since then I've learned a lot, I've become a true fan of many other blogs, and I've worked very hard to build this place as a blog where other authors can get interesting advise, share their own ideas and problems, and readers can find all kinds of stories and news from their favorite authors.

I wouldn't say, by all means, that the site is exactly where I want it to be, nor I am done learning all there is to know about blogging or writing. It is all a process but when you receive the acknowledgement from exactly those you were thinking about when creating something, it's always a sweet moment and a sign that you must be doing something right.

A week ago I received the wonderful news that this blog was the proud recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award. I feel very happy and inspired to keep moving forward and grow in which ever direction life takes me. Now, it's time to tell you about the rules of the award.

Thank and link to the blogger who bestowed the award.
Share seven random facts about yourself.
Spread the love by passing the award to five other bloggers.

In my case, I sincerely thank Roberta Goodman and her inspiring blog Ro-alwaysinspired for thinking about me and making the start of my 2012 all the more positive. You have to check down her place. Awesome!

Now, about selecting just five deserving blogs... it was a hard call but, alas, here are my five:

  • The Krazy Book Lady blog by Tami for all its great reviews, initiatives, and interviews.
  • The Christopher Godsoe blog for his awesome writerly advise and reviews.
  • The D. Robert Pease blog for always having something new and interesting for young readers.
  • The DL Fowler blog for having such a great mix of inspiring advise, excellent reviews, and engrossing historic facts.
  • The Axel Howerton blog for always creeping me out with terrifying stories, new reads, and just all around hair-raising content.

 And finally, seven random facts about myself:

1. I have two daughters whom I adore. They revealed to me my true vocation: Being a mother. Everything falls behind it. Even writing.

2. I'm terrified of spiders and that is the only fear I won't be exploring in my books. Ever.

3. All of my books and stories are interconnected by a character they have in common, the name of the town, or some other small detail that I leave as a clue.

4. I love traveling, small quaint towns are my favorite. I hope one day I'll have visited at least one or two towns per state in Mexico, and when I'm older and richer, I'll go around the world.

5. As a child, I lived in Madrid for a year. I attended school there, second grade, and being introduced to medieval European literature at that early age had a lasting effect on me. That's when books became a works of art in my mind.

6. I used to terrorize one of my mother's sisters by spinning tales about my neighbors, who made lots of noise at night but were really quiet during the day. I'd tell her they were vampires and fed on young children and homeless people. She hated staying overnight. =)

7. I always start imaging a story from the ending and then work backwards. When I'm finally ready to write, I'll have a general idea of how it'll begin, but I have it clear how it'll end.

Well boys and girls, I hope you take a look at those amazing blogs I mentioned before, you never know what you might find. Thanks for sticking up with me and this crazy trip I call life, you've made it a lot more interesting and complete. Will be seeing you soon!


Miss. M said...

I was just like you when it came to blogging. I wanted to write a novel and people start asking well what is your web page just to check out my book and see more about me. At that time I didn't and I must say my sale didn't go nowhere because no body didn't know me. Since I started my blog my audience increase so did my second book.

Gina said...

Well done, Miss M! A second book, that's a nice achievement. That's us, little by little taking over the world. XD

Thank you for stopping by and commenting, it always helps me to remember I'm not only talking to myself, here. ;)