Sunday, April 15, 2012

The N Details of Horror

The third monday of April is here and I can't believe we're past the mid-point of the challenge. Time is flying!! But I'll open the week with a bit of a trivia.

In recent years we have been inundated by the amount of remakes Hollywood has forced us to endure, usually in detriment of the original piece which often shares but a few threads with its 'newer' version. Well, it seems bad remakes were not invented by Hollywood. Here I share with you the first remake ever. The English version of The Haunted Castle, directed by George Albert Smith in 1897 and based on the French original of the same name. If you want to check the 1986 version, click here.


Noroi: Te Curse (2005)
Director: Koji Shiraishi.

Plot: A documentary filmmaker explores seemingly unrelated paranormal incidents connected by the legend of an ancient demon called the "Kagutaba."

Review: You didn't really think I was going to forget about Japanese horror, right? Also know as J-horror its peak of interest hit around 2002, when The Ring exploited into western theaters and blew our minds. Recently it has been kind of forgotten, though it is still much well regarded. Noroi is a prime example of a good story that doesn't follow western standards for horror and yet delivers in scares and eeriness. Film as a mockumentary--another huge trend--it is an effective film that actually bothered with a story that makes sense.


Necroscope by Brian Lumley.
Published by Tor Books in 1992.

Blurb: From the undead vampire in the Romanian mausoleum, Boris Dragosani tries to draw an evil force so powerful he will gain supremacy in the ultra-secret paranormal agency he works for in Russia. His official job is as a Necroscope – his speciality is tearing secrets from the souls of newly-dead traitors.

And England too has her necroscope – her communicator with the dead. When Harry Keogh is recruited by the British Secret Service to take on the paranormal menace from behind the Iron Curtain, the stage is set for the most horrifying supernatural confrontation ever... 

Review: This is actually the first book in the series, a total of five widely popular books. Lumley style is quirky but interesting and makes you care for his characters. He has also develop a very intricate story surrounding his vampires--indeed, these are vampire books--making the collection one with the most complex backstories and mythology on the theme EVER.


Leslie Rose said...

Interesting! My mouth has been hanging open at some of the remakes lately. Footloose? Really?

Karen Walker said...

It is rare that I enjoy a remake as much as the original, but it can happen. I can't think of one at the moment, though. Nice to "meet" you from a-z.

Chris Fries said...

Great thoughts about the remakes, Gina! There aren't many that are better than the originals. "The Thing" (John Carpenter's 80's version) was definitely better than the old 50's one, and same with "The Fly", but those are the only two off the top of my head that I can think of...

Gina said...

Hi all! I know remakes are mostly horrible. I haven't seen Footloose and, though I heard it is good, I'm kind of afraid. I take it you didn't like it Leslie? But I'm with Chris, The Fly and The Thing were quite good, also Ocean's 11 (the Clooney one) is one of my favorites.

Thanks for commenting Leslie, Karen, and Chris!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of remakes either. I can't think of one remake I've enjoyed more than the original.

fidel said...

Hmmm fascinating...necroscope - communicator with the dead...I am a pathologist and I never thought of it that way! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Gina said...

The few good remakes I can think about were mentioned by Chris Fries Simplyinfatuated. Thanks for commenting.

Fidel, I'm happy to bring a new spark to your creative mind. Thanks for stopping by.

Sandra Tyler said...

as for remakes, I wonder when that poor big Titanic will be put to final rest.

Gina said...

I'm so tired of seeing a new version of Titanic coming out every other week, even the History channel and Discovery shoot documentary after documentary about it. To all of the I say, agh, but to you Sandra I say, thank you for commenting. =)