Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A to Z Challenge. Letter V


The Visitors (1988)
Directed by Jack Ersgard.

Plot: Frank, Sara and their two children have recently moved into the house of their dreams on the countryside. For a moment they seem to be living their dreams but then they notice strange happenings in the house; the tapestries start to fall off in one of the rooms, in another nothing 'feels' right, and Frank is disturbed by mysterious sounds. As help from the outside ends with tragic consequences, Frank embarks on a quest to find out the truth himself.

Review: This is an obscure little film that most don't even know it exists. A Swedish odd ball, the film is highly atmospheric and claustrophobic. The way the director works around having basically no special effects is to use darkness to create a sense of doom and it works like a charm. By no means this movie can be compared with the greatest horror movies of all times but it is worth a look if you're tired of beaten down plots, empty characters, lots of sex, and CGI feasts. Great acting, believable characters that react just the way most of us would, and an eerie set will make your two hours a well invested time.


The Vanishment by Jonathan Aycliffe.
Published by HarperPrism in 1994.

Blurb: It promises to be an idyllic vacation -- a lovely old house on the Cornish coast where Peter Clare can finish writing a collection of short stories and where his wife Sarah can paint -- a place where they can try to rebuild their troubled marriage. The spectacular cliff overlooking the sea, the wild gardens and woodlands. But from the moment they enter Petherick House, Sarah feels the dark menace surrounding them. Peter dismisses Sarah's fears without another thought, until she disappears without a trace. Now, Peter can see the shadowy figures in the night and hear a child's desperate weeping, but the nightmare has only begun.

Review: Tell me this isn't one of the best blurbs you've ever read. I dare you. Though I haven't read The Vanishment, I just couldn't pass the chance to let you all know about such a high praised book. Everywhere you look there are four and five stars all over it. From what I know, it is a ghost story that won't scare you to death but that packs a high emotional charge. Atmospherical and with a dash of the supernatural, this is a read for even those who doesn't like horror books. Hope you enjoy it!


Lynn Proctor said...

the vanishment got me with the house thing--it sounds like that feeling i always need in a book or movie--thanks

Gina said...

I'm glad you're finding some ideas here. Thanks to you for sharing your thoughts. =)

loverofwords said...

I am one of those super sensitive people who cannot watch a scary movie without either leaving the room or closing my eyes, but perhaps I should get out of my comfort zone and read that last book.

Gina said...

It truly is a great book and not too upsetting, so I hope it wins you over. You'll enjoy it. =)

Cheryl Klarich said...

The Vanishment sounds really intriguing! And I trust your judgement! Thanks for the recommendation.

Gina said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Cheryl. It means a lot. I hope you truly find it as interesting as I thought it was. =)