Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fun: Best Five Hilarious Shorts

Another friday comes our way and we are already thinking of all the fun stuff we can do in this long weekend that officially opens the summer season. Pools will be open, Grills will take its righteous place on thousands of patios, and gas/airfare prices will not stop us from going somewhere while complaining all along the way. Hail to the most revered season for students all over the country, and longest three months of the year for parents across the northern hemisphere.

In accordance to such a momentous weekend, I decided to share with you a list of my favorite five, most entertaining and hilarious animated shorts I've seen. I hope you will make the most of this long weekend and that this humble post will kick start it with a welcome laugh. Enjoy!

5. Heavenly Appeals. What I like about this short is that it delivers laughs with a message of hope that fits perfectly our current spirits. After our naughty summer, there's still hope for us to be redeemed. Grated that we find ourselves a mean angel... but hope still.

4. Project Alarm. When I was younger I used to set five different alarms throughout my room. I still managed to be late for work quite often. My girls have proven to be a much more effective alarm, specially if they're hungry.

3. Oktapodi. Next time you decide eating octopus, think about it twice. They have feelings, too, you know?

2. Pigeon: Impossible. Tom Cruise ain't got nothing against this pigeon.

1. The Lady and The Ripper. I chose this animated short directed by Antonio Banderas as my number one because it has it all, heart, laughs, and a sweet old lady that won't play nice.

What do you think about these videos? Do you have any favorite shorts to share with me? Well, that's what the comments are for! Don't make me beg.


Lynn Proctor said...

love em all :)!

Chris Fries said...

Awesome videos! I rhink I love the first one the most for some reason...