Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Booker Award

Well, a new week has rolled by and I'm still enjoying my time with family over in Mexico. Things are hectic as I run to one friend's house to another, visiting family and small towns I hadn't been in years. We're having a blast, but I can't just forget about you. Today I write to thank my new friend Michael Pierce for awarding me The Booker Award, an award that can only be bestowed to blogs which most of its content is dedicated to books.

Thank you, Michael, I truly admire you as a writer and it makes it even more significant to receive recognition from someone like you. If you don't know him, today is the perfect day to head over his site, as he's taking part of the First Fight/First Kiss bloghop where the participating blogs share the first fighting scene of one of their books, as well as the first kissing scene. There are all kinds of yummy fights to enjoy, but Michael's is a pure delight. Don't miss it.

The rules for this award:
This award is for book bloggers only. To receive this award the blog must be at least 50% about books (reading or writing is okay)
Along with receiving this award, you must also share your top five favorite books you have ever read. (More than five is okay) You must give this award to 5-10 3 (I'm bending the rules a little) other lucky book blogs you adore.

Gosh, choosing only five books is an incredibly difficult task, but rules are rules, so here you have a few of the books I've enjoyed the most, or that have been a great inspiration in my life. Some are 'short' stories, but I guess they count regardless of its length.

1. The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar A. Poe.
2. The Death of Halpin Fraiser by Ambrose Bierce.
3. Rhymes and Legends by Gustavo A. Bequer.
4. Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo.
5. A Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
6. Aztec by Gary Jennings.

Sorry, but I couldn't let out one of these...

Now, for the three book blogs I adore. Choosing three book-devoted blogs proved to be another incredibly hard choice. I follow more than a hundred blogs and most of them are dedicated to books in one way or another and I love them all. So, I chose the ones I think are the most helpful when choosing what to read next. Here you have my nominees:

Hope you get as much inspiration to read as I have. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Insecure Writers Support Group Call to Meeting

It is, once again, that day of the month when moody writers get together to share their happiness, sadness, stress, or progress. I almost forgot about it but, thankfully, Michael Pierce was sweet enough to award this blog with the Book Blogger Award and his post reminded me of what day it was. Phew!

Well, like I was telling Michael, I feel that I have so many things going on that I'm starting to miss a lot of deadlines. I'm used to be very organized and not having things on time is bothering me really bad. I have to pull myself together and my plan is to write everything down on a calendar I'll keep on my desk, so I will be more aware of the deadlines fast approaching.

Right now I'm reviewing for Dark River Press, I have two reviews to deliver by the end of the month, so reading is a big part of my life, but sadly I'm not in total control of what I read, as sometimes I get assigned the books. Then I'm writing my new novel, which is moving at a painfully slow pace. I try to write daily an average of three hours, but my kids schedule collided with mine so often that I ended up writing three days a week at the most. Since school is out, I'm praying this will allow me to go back to the original plan, but that remains to be seen. I also want to submit to a couple of anthologies that sound incredibly good but I have only one story one third in, the other is still to be written... Oh, and have I told you I'm on vacation in Mexico in my parent's house? With the family parties popping like there's no tomorrow, my working time has been seriously crippled.

Oh, gosh! I guess I just have to enjoy the vacation and try to cramp as much work as I can but knowing that most probably I won't be able to make to all the deadlines I wanted to. That's life and if we don't enjoy the ride, then what's the point of even riding, right?

I hope you are having a much more productive summer start. Enjoy the sun, the light summer breeze, and don't let life go by without noticing.

A brief side note. If you are a horror lover, my first novella PERPETUAL NIGHT is free today on amazon. It currently holds the #106 best kindle book, and #2 Bone-chilling horror. You might want to be the next one to experience real fear in a time when so many horror novels have gone stale.

What other readers had to say:                                                Get your copy

"Morales creates a very interesting tale in Perpetual Night. The dream sequences are at times chilling and the end takes a fresh approach that makes the story well worth the read. This book should appeal to wide range of readers from the younger seeking to challenge themselves to those wishing for a quick well-written read. Check it out!" ~ Ken Cain.

"In Perpetual Night, novelist Georgina Morales has created a frightening "can't put it down" novella about a fifteen-year-old gifted, misfit named Lilibeth. Morales seamlessly weaves a tale unlike the common vampire saga. I felt compelled and attached to Lilibeth, her pal, Alex, their many unexpected twists and turns, and I simply couldn't wait to read where their journey took them next. With Lilibeth, you're taken for a wild ride of supernatural reality versus illusion, especially when it comes to her freakish dreams, which evolve into freakier and scary nightmares. Perpetual Night is a great novella. Put this one on your list to read. I'm looking forward to more from novelist Georgina Morales." ~David Brown.
Get your copy.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fantastic News!

I just want to share with you that my first novella PERPETUAL NIGHT will be free on Amazon today and tomorrow. Right now it's ranked as #13 in Spine-chilling Horror and #18 in Girls and Women. Check it out!

Get your copy.


Lilibeth is a sweet fifteen-year-old with a great relationship with her Mom. Recently she started having nightmares; first strange dreams she didn't understand but as weeks go by they become ominous and scary. When her dreams start to permeate her everyday activities, she wonders about her grip on reality. Now she feels a terrible figure trying to communicate with her and frightening creatures follow her in daylight. Will she be finally be institutionalized by her worried Mother or is it all real and she's about to receive a great gift from beyond?

PERPETUAL NIGHT is a gripping short novel, original and disturbing in the best of ways.

Get your copy now.

Monday, June 4, 2012

More Awards and an Excuse

Well, life is treating me well and I have good news to share with you. First, I'm on vacation in my lovely Mexico city visiting my parents. I hadn't visited in two years and missed them very much. Right now, I can't get enough of the food, parties, and family stuff. Yippee good times, right? Well, that, of course, has a down size... I'm not as productive as I should be. I already missed one post here (Friday) and will most probably miss a few more, but trying to keep damage to the least, I'll reduce my posts to only one a week on Tuesdays. I'll go back to normal life on July 1 and I promise I'll make it up to you. In the meantime, please be patient. =) And drink a margarita on me.

Now, more good news--I'm telling you, these are good times--This blog, my blog, has been marked as stylish and versatile, who knew?! Thanks, thanks, thanks to Chris Fries who has decided to award Diary with such a nice set of compliments. He rocks and you should visit his blog; he has flash fiction pieces, writerly advice, and many more eclectic posts that I promise you'll find interesting. Besides, he's another author, like you and me, finding his way on this crazy publishing world.

Now, for the Stylish Blogger Award I have to tell you all about the last time I dressed up...

This was about three years ago--stop laughing, I know I'm pathetic--It was our anniversary and the hubby reserved a table for a nice restaurant (Japanese). I got all dressed up and was ready to get out the door, we had to take the girls to a good friend's house. I hollered for them. When my then four year old saw me, she uttered a loud "WOW", hugged my leg, looked me square in the eye, and told me, "You look so stylish!".

You can laugh now.

Now, for the Versatile Blogger Award I have to share with you seven random things about myself. Gee, these always sound so simple and they take me hours. Here I go again...

1. I love science and very early in my teen years I decided I wanted to study Medicine, but since death and the paranormal have always intrigued me so much, I always said I would specialize in Forensic Medicine. In the end I actually got a Masters in Experimental Pathology.

2. I only have one sister, no brothers, and I spent most of her early childhood torturing her by telling her straight-faced that she was adopted. In this story she'd been found in the trash and my parents felt too bad to let her know. I'm only three years older, so you can see how from age eight I was good spinning stories.

3. No, I did not traumatize her and she, eventually, forgave me. Or so she says. She still reminds me of it every Christmas but has still to receive a bigger present from me.

4. I speak three languages: spanish, english, and french. I can read any of those, but my writing french is closer to the way my seven year old writes a book report.

5. I met my husband seventeen years ago. We were introduced by his best friend, whom I dated for three years. Awwwkard!

6. I love, love, love A&E's show My Ghost Story and I'll stop everything I'm doing to watch it. It's sooo freaky!

7. My biggest, stupidest fear is the Zombie Apocalypse. I mean, spiders can kill you, or at least some of them can and I ain't staying to check which kind is the one living in my basement, but the Zombie Apocalypse??? Still, I've spent more that a few sleepless nights devising a plan to survive with my whole family. Just in case.

There, I did it. A few more snippets of who I really am there for you. I hope you find it entertaining, at least. Of course, now is the time for me to name the five blogs I think deserve these awards... but I don't want to just give them to whomever. I want it to mean something, so I'll take my time and come back to you later with the list.

Once again, thanks to Chris Fries and his awesome A Writer's Expanding and Slightly-Warped Universe. I'm humbled to be in the company of such great writers and human beings.

Have fun, enjoy the sun, and remember: I'll be back!