Monday, June 4, 2012

More Awards and an Excuse

Well, life is treating me well and I have good news to share with you. First, I'm on vacation in my lovely Mexico city visiting my parents. I hadn't visited in two years and missed them very much. Right now, I can't get enough of the food, parties, and family stuff. Yippee good times, right? Well, that, of course, has a down size... I'm not as productive as I should be. I already missed one post here (Friday) and will most probably miss a few more, but trying to keep damage to the least, I'll reduce my posts to only one a week on Tuesdays. I'll go back to normal life on July 1 and I promise I'll make it up to you. In the meantime, please be patient. =) And drink a margarita on me.

Now, more good news--I'm telling you, these are good times--This blog, my blog, has been marked as stylish and versatile, who knew?! Thanks, thanks, thanks to Chris Fries who has decided to award Diary with such a nice set of compliments. He rocks and you should visit his blog; he has flash fiction pieces, writerly advice, and many more eclectic posts that I promise you'll find interesting. Besides, he's another author, like you and me, finding his way on this crazy publishing world.

Now, for the Stylish Blogger Award I have to tell you all about the last time I dressed up...

This was about three years ago--stop laughing, I know I'm pathetic--It was our anniversary and the hubby reserved a table for a nice restaurant (Japanese). I got all dressed up and was ready to get out the door, we had to take the girls to a good friend's house. I hollered for them. When my then four year old saw me, she uttered a loud "WOW", hugged my leg, looked me square in the eye, and told me, "You look so stylish!".

You can laugh now.

Now, for the Versatile Blogger Award I have to share with you seven random things about myself. Gee, these always sound so simple and they take me hours. Here I go again...

1. I love science and very early in my teen years I decided I wanted to study Medicine, but since death and the paranormal have always intrigued me so much, I always said I would specialize in Forensic Medicine. In the end I actually got a Masters in Experimental Pathology.

2. I only have one sister, no brothers, and I spent most of her early childhood torturing her by telling her straight-faced that she was adopted. In this story she'd been found in the trash and my parents felt too bad to let her know. I'm only three years older, so you can see how from age eight I was good spinning stories.

3. No, I did not traumatize her and she, eventually, forgave me. Or so she says. She still reminds me of it every Christmas but has still to receive a bigger present from me.

4. I speak three languages: spanish, english, and french. I can read any of those, but my writing french is closer to the way my seven year old writes a book report.

5. I met my husband seventeen years ago. We were introduced by his best friend, whom I dated for three years. Awwwkard!

6. I love, love, love A&E's show My Ghost Story and I'll stop everything I'm doing to watch it. It's sooo freaky!

7. My biggest, stupidest fear is the Zombie Apocalypse. I mean, spiders can kill you, or at least some of them can and I ain't staying to check which kind is the one living in my basement, but the Zombie Apocalypse??? Still, I've spent more that a few sleepless nights devising a plan to survive with my whole family. Just in case.

There, I did it. A few more snippets of who I really am there for you. I hope you find it entertaining, at least. Of course, now is the time for me to name the five blogs I think deserve these awards... but I don't want to just give them to whomever. I want it to mean something, so I'll take my time and come back to you later with the list.

Once again, thanks to Chris Fries and his awesome A Writer's Expanding and Slightly-Warped Universe. I'm humbled to be in the company of such great writers and human beings.

Have fun, enjoy the sun, and remember: I'll be back!


Chris Fries said...

Wow, sounds like you're having fun -- awesome! And absolutely no reason at all to laugh about your dressed up story -- sounds very sweet to me!

Loved learning all the cool things about you!

Congratulations again on the well-deserved awards, and thank you so much for the kind words about my blog -- you're too sweet!

Lynn Proctor said...

love you info---your story about telling your sister she was adopted, reminds me of stories i have heard about my mom and her sister---all in love!

Mina Lobo said...

I've also spent some moments before drifting off to sleep pondering my options in the event of a zombie apocalypse...or rather, wondering how the heck we'd survive one! Max Brooks' survival guide, though written as a joke, has some pretty good tips! :-)
Some Dark Romantic

Gina said...

Chris, my little girl calling me 'stylish' was very sweet, but seeing her eyes open in surprise was truly a reason for laughing. ;) I guess I don't dress up often enough.

Lynn, the things brothers and sisters tell each other in the spirit of love is quite amazing, and some people would think it stretches the definition of love. LOL

Mina, I haven't read Brook's survival guide but I did read World War Z and was amazing. One of the best books I've ever read on zombie lore. I'll follow his guide to the 't'!