Tuesday, July 24, 2012

About Inspirations and Awards

I know its a bit last for my usual post, and not a new review, but I spent most of my afternoon actually writing! I'm beyond excited since I'd spent most of the summer doing everything but writing, so immediately I knew I had to dedicate this post to this very special afternoon.

First, let's talk about inspiration. Few of you would know that my husband is actually quite a creative and artistic soul. I usually don't talk about my family life in here, but today I think it bares being told. Early in his life, he took music classes and I don't know if those awakened his artistic side, or it is because he already had a creative mind that he pursued music like more than a passing hobby. However, becoming a musician was not in his stars and after dedicating a good part of his teen years to compose his own music, along with his cousin and a group of alike teens, he let it go. At the same time he was actively drawing and writing, in fact he finished a novella and wrote the first half of a novel, then he started working and all those things went away.

After more than ten years without touching his ms, which I read way back when, we have been toying with the idea of re-writing it. Both of us, as coauthors. He's not sure he has the time to commit and wants me to take his project, infuse it with my own spark, and finish it, but I want him to be an intrinsically part of it. It is his baby, after all, and his vision is very special, so I don't want to mess with it.

But with all this in my mind, and thinking that I wanted to share with you something more beside another review, I decided write what was supposed to be a flash piece of less than 300 words. As I put pencil to paper--this time I did it the old fashioned way and loved it!--his old short story kept coming back to my mind and it inspired me to write a piece outside of my realm, though still supernatural. This flash? short?-- I still don't know until I type it and know the word count--is a lot more philosophical and romantic.

I love it, though I realize there is a lot of work ahead for it to be ready, but the first draft is done! In one afternoon! It feels so good to be back writing, really.

I'm sharing with you a snippet of it and then we'll be moving along to the next piece of happiness but, please, any comment is appreciated. I know these are barely a few lines, but thinking it will be, at the most, 700 words long, you should get a good feel about the tone, style, and maybe the theme, but I'm trying to keep that a bit of a mystery.

"Does God really exist?" I used to ask myself back when life was complicated with divorce threats, bills unpaid, and no time but to work. --My name. What is my name?--

Then, it all ended. The wake of a world in flames. No more failed relationships, nor time to complain.

At the end of another day in this dead earth, he came. Cloaked in black, I could not see his face. In his hands a glass ball like those I used to stare at novelty stores, but there was no quaint landscape inside. The snow was gray like ash, nothing left but blackened timbers instead of a house. --My name, oh, sweet God. Why can't I remember?--

He glided toward me, letting the putrid air carry him; and though I felt fear, I did not move, waiting for him to deliver the news.

~Extract of WINTER IN A GLASS BALL by Georgina Morales.~

Hope you like it!

Now, the awesome Paige Lollie from The Dream Words was so sweet to remember my name when a couple of new awards came her way. First of all, she deserved the awards and I hope you take a few more moments to stop by her place and check it out. You'll love it!

Now, as far as I understood, all I have to do is thank her--duly noted--and nominate six blogs myself. So, my nominations for the Fabulous Ribbon Blog and Be Inspired Awards are:

Thanks to all of you, guys, for being friends and lead with your own hard work.


Deniz Bevan said...

Thank you for the awards!

Love the mysteriousness of your snippet - what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, writing!

Catalina Egan said...

Thanks for the mention, but most of all thanks for your post. I just LOVE the way you write!

Lynn Proctor said...

i think it is so great how you and your husband are working on a project together---it sounds great--can't wait to read it all and thanks again for the award :)

Gina said...

Thanks Deniz, it was a very nice break of summer kiddy stuff. =)

Thanks Catalina! I hope your blog tour is going great. =)

Indeed Lynn, I'm enjoying very much of this project for the both of us. Who said that writing had to be a solitary affair?? =)

Chris Fries said...

Hey Gina!

I've been out of the loop for a while but getting back in touch.

First off, thank you very much for the awards -- you're too sweet to think of me!

Next, I'm very inspired by your flash of inspired writing -- my schedule has been just insane lately and I'm not getting nearly enough writing done. I'm happy for (and inspired by) you getting the chance for that much uninterrupted wiring time. Congratulations and I love the idea of you taking an old idea of your husband's and turning it into something of both of you.

The snippet is intriguing and captivating. Very creepy. It arouses plenty of compelling story questions -- Who is the narrator and why can't he (she?) remember his (her?) name? What happened with all the 'world in flames' and ashes? Who is the 'he' that came gliding? And the 'does God exist?' question posed at the beginning makes for an extremely deep undercurrent of uncertainty.

I'm really curious and eager to see how all this gets addressed/resolved -- and in only 700 words?!?! ;^)

Mina Lobo said...

Congrats to you and thanks for awarding to me as well! And, because no good deed goes unpunished - You've Been Tagged by Some Dark Romantic! Click on the link to learn more! :-) (I'm especially interested in learning your thoughts on question #6.)

Gina said...

Welcome back. Chris! I trust you enjoyed yourself, and it's time to pay for that. LOL Busy, busy bee you'll be for a while, I'm sure. XD When i finish with the story, I'll send it you so you can give me your opinion about it. I'm reaching a point where I think other authors' opinions could really help me move forward. Hope you'll have a bit of time by them.

Mina, I'm so curious I'll go check the post right now! Hope my answer is no too disappointing. ;)

Nicole said...

Gina, that snippet is beautiful and eerie. I'm imagining it in black and white. :)

Michael Pierce said...

Thanks so much for the awards! :) The excerpt was very intriguing. I can't wait to read more. Hope you've had a great weekend.