Monday, August 13, 2012

Peace Hop Blitz

As support for a friend, and because I think Peace is a great message we should talk about more often, I decided to take part on this Peace Hop Blitz. It was organized by the great author MCV Egan who wrote The Bridge of Deaths, a historical fiction based on a family story that happened in 1939, at the brink of World War II, that had big repercussions for many generations until present day.  It is a family's search for the truth, to uncover the secrets hidden under a horrific plane crash that cost the life of a man, and change the destiny of a clan.
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So, about Peace... Well, Peace is much more that the opposite state of War. Most people think that because they don't live in a war-ridden country they don't have to worry about themes like this. They take peace for granted. Sadly, they couldn't be more wrong. Peace is much more that an international affair where two countries that can't seem to agree on something decide to go at it full force and with total disregard for their people. Peace is a state of mind, is a way of living. The girl on the shadiest part of town where gangs threaten her daily live can't feel the warm soft feeling we get when walking to the store or back home from school. The woman whose husband gets a kick out of basing her head in doesn't feel safe at home. They live in fear. Many, so many people's lives are far from peaceful.

We all can help in many ways; volunteering at the shelter or at a Big Brother program, donating time or money to other groups that bring help and orientation to difficult areas in our towns, advocating for healthy and positive activities for those who don't have the means, but most of all we can help by being conscious of these problems and by educating our kids with eyes and hearts open to see those in need and lend a hand. The future of our countries, and inherently of the world, will be in the hands of our kids, we can't afford to raise intolerance, idleness, or blindness. Let's bring peace to our neighborhoods one step at a time.

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Michael Pierce said...

Powerful things to remember and just a little bit of help can go a long way. This seems like a great hop to participate in. :)

Chris Fries said...

A strong message, and one I absolutely agree with, Gina!

Excellent post!

Gina said...

Thanks guys! This kinds of messages are so often ignored that I couldn't say no. Thanks for commenting, as always!

Jane said...

A wonderful message, well worth remembering.

Catalina Egan said...

Wow...touched deeply and it is so true, there is so much more that encompasses helping out to give others a the chance for a peaceful honored that we are friends.

Yvonne Mikell said...

I agree, if a community can accomplish peace within its boundaries, then that peace can spread outwardly, influencing its state, progressing to the nation.

Joseph D. Smith said...

Powerful words, and great up-lifting intentions! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of the people who are less fortunate, I am always grateful for what I have, and I thank God everyday that I am blessed with comfort. Although I do pray for and send healing energy to help those who are in need, such as the poor victims that you mentioned, the ones who can't defend themselves, and I know that peace is a global goal, not just an international one, or one between just a mere few countries!

Bless you for this wonderful and thought-provoking post, and may we all make this world the best place to live!

Amelia Curzon said...

What a great place to start - the community! Wonderful message!

Mysti said...

Such a great post! I'm loving the variety of thought in these. I'm contributing to a Christmas anthology called Christmas Lites II, and all proceeds are going to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Last year's anthology raised a good deal of money for that charity, and I was honored to be asked to contribute again this year. Feels great to help others.

If you'd like to visit my post, it's at this link:

Catalina Egan said...

I am really enjoying the comments and seeing the post from an even stronger perspective...BRAVO GINA!

Gina said...

Thanks to all! Catalina in particular, not only for inviting me to participate in such an outstanding hop, but to think about it in the first place. Talking about things like this is often overshadowed by the latest Brangelina scandal. It's been a very powerful experience!

@Yvonne: That's the spirit! Every change starts from within. There's hope as long as there's space within us to spread the change.

@Joseph: thank you so much for your kind words and good wishes. This hop has been a tremendous experience. It has helped me connect with other peace seekers like you. I'm very pleased to meet you under such great circumstances. ;)

Jane, Amelia, Mysti: thanks for commenting, for taking the time to read my post, and for writing such great ones yourselves. Little by little we all come together to make the message still stronger: There's a better way of live that we can help achieve.

M Pax said...

What a great bloghop with a fantastic message.

Lynn Proctor said...

i just read about people being jailed for their thoughts----you are right, we do take our freedom and peace for granted