Wednesday, September 4, 2013

IWSG, Summer Wrap Up, and General Catch Up

That'd be me, cooling and writing. The hunk'd be my muse, ugly as a bitch but plenty helpful.
Well, hello everyone! Yeah, I know, I know. I've been away for quite some time but summer got me wrapped up in all kinds of exciting, writerly things. How was your summer? Busy? Horribly hot and humid? However you spent these months, I sure hope you enjoyed yourself.

As for me. Where to begin...

The girls were off to their grandparents for the whole time, which gave me full control over my days. I'm telling you, 24 hours hadn't felt that productive (and long) in nine years! I was committed to write two short stories for two different anthologies, was asked to contribute to a noir mag, had my Haunted Manhattan blog thing, attended my first-ever writer's retreat, and finally traveled to Mexico to bring the girls back home. Just got here over the long weekend... So whoo, was I busy!


  • I'm very happy to say Burial Day Books has officially accepted my gothic story A DIARY OF MADNESS for publication in their anthology GOTHIC BLUE BOOK 3, scheduled to be released for Halloween. Yipee!!

  • I also completed (and submitted) a story for an invite-only anthology. Since I haven't received an answer, we can't celebrate just yet nor will I reveal the name of the anthology. But please, do keep your fingers crossed. 

  • I'm still madly working in another story that the editor is waiting for the end of the month. It has given me a hard time because it is in a genre I don't usually write, but I said this would be a summer to go out of my comfort zone. So there.

  • About the Haunted Manhattan series... I did drag the hubby all over Manhattan, taking pictures of the places that were voted for you among the most haunted I could find. No experience was had, sadly, but it was a lot of fun. And I have great pics to show. Wait for them starting next week.

All in all this was an amazing time full of experiences that helped me grow as a writer, and this is where the IWSG comes in.

Today I don't have an insecurity to share but a smile and my experiences. Three months ago I was debating with myself, thinking maybe I should stop playing writer and do something real. So much time lapsed between my last publication and a new one that I though it'd been a fluke. Today I can't be happier or more fullfiled. I know tough times will come once more, but I have to feed off the good ones to make it to the other side.

During the writer's retreat, one of the things we talked about was positive advice. What was the best we'd ever gotten. The answer is: READ, WRITE, and SUBMIT. There is no secret to become a published writer, only infinite patience and pigheadedness.

READ to be better. Read classic books even if they're out of your genre. Read everything that falls in your hand and you will lear what works and what doesn't.

WRITE no matter how awful it may seem today. There is always tomorrow, you'll get better and your writing will do too. But you can't be better if you don't try it. The thing with a job well done is that it looks so easy... great literature seems so effortless! But it isn't and if you stop trying, you'll stop growing.

SUBMIT to small presses as well as big ones, you never know who you'll meet or where the next break will come from. A few months ago I submitted to an anthology. My story was rejected but two months later I got an invitation to participate in an anthology from one of the editors.

Success takes the combination of perseverance, luck, and maybe talent (there are plenty of untalented people shoving money out the window). Our job is to position ourselves so when luck comes knocking, we are within reach of that door.

I wish you a phenomenal end of the season. Happy second anniversary to the Insecure Writer's Support Group and may this year be the one your dream comes true. Don't forget to stop by the Amazing Ninja Alex Cavanaugh's blog to get more news!

See ya next week!


Chrys Fey said...

WOW!!! You have had a wonderful writer's summer! Congratulations on the acceptance of your gothic story! My fingers are crossed for the anthology, and good luck with the story your editor is waiting for! :)

Nicole said...

Go you! So much exciting news. What a great way to end summer.

Yolanda Renee said...

Congratulations on your wonderful news! Having that time to write had to have been heaven!

Great advice from you retreat, gosh what I'd give to go on one of those. A real dream come true, I'd love to own a place I could invite writers to for a retreat! Sadly my grandmothers old farm would have been perfect, but it's not mine.

Welcome back, and happy IWSG anniversary!

Michael Pierce said...

You had quite the productive summer! I'm looking forward to hearing about your haunted Manhattan experiences. Sometimes the best advice is the simplest and most direct. Great things to remember!

Georgina Morales said...

@Chrys: Thanks! It was a fantastic summer but I'm still trying to find my footing after back to school. Keep those fingers crossed for me! =)

@Nicole: Thanks Nicole, I can't complain at all. ;-)

@Yolanda: There's a lot less writing involved in a writer's retreat than you might think, but it is a great way to connect and get inspired. This retreat lasted 3 days, so it isn't much of a commitment if you can leave the kids and hubby for a while. Hope you get to try it soon!

@Michael: Haunted Manhattan was a lot of fun! And I learned many things about the city's history. I swear I'll never see it the same way again. =)

Julie Luek said...

First, welcome back. You were missed! Second, just a great big WOW for all you are doing. Congratulations on the publications and submissions. You are seeing your dream to fruition and that just deserves HUGE kudos.

Lexa Cain said...

Yes! I think being a writer takes "infinite patience and pigheadedness"! lol

Congrats on the acceptance! I hope you get many more, and I can't wait for the Haunted Manhattan posts! I've been away from NYC too long and I miss it...

Have a great weekend! :-)

sjp said...

Congrats on the excellent news ;)

Gwen Gardner said...

What a summer! Sounds wonderful. Congrats on being accepted into the anthology :)

Lan said...

Congrats on all the writerly things happening in your neck of the woods! Sounds like the hard work is paying off. The warm season is just starting here in the southern hemisphere but I love hearing about the opposite happening where you northern hemisphere bloggers are!

Great writing advice. I always have to remind myself I need to write every day regardless of how terrible I think the writing is going to be.

Georgina Morales said...

@Julie: Thanks so much! I miss reading about you all and being here, but I guess it was worth it. =)

@Lexa: Manhattan is a lovely place but I can't think of a most amazing inter-cultural experience than living in Egypt. I've said it before and I repeat it: I envy you so much! (good envy, not bad leprechaun-green envy.)

@SJP: Thanks!

@Gwen: It truly was a summer to remember. Now if I could only find my feet on Fall...

@Lan: I always find it so amusing to compare our expectations and images associated with specific months between northern and southern hemisphere pals. The world is an awesome place...