Wednesday, October 30, 2013

B-Movie Coolness

So Halloween is finally here and, as every year, I'm torn. I'm happy because I love going trick or treat, I also love the amount of movies I can watch on TV, but I'm sad that it has gone so fast! So, to go with a bang, the prize today will be a digital copy of the Coffin Hop anthology: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN. It is fantastic, and I'm sure who ever the lucky winner is, he/she will enjoy it. I'll announce the winner on Monday, so there's a chance for more people to participate.

But first, though, I must announce tuesday's winner. Drum roll, please... The winner of a 1st edition, signed PERPETUAL NIGHT paperback copy is:


Now, todays theme is: B-Horror movies, of course!

Tell me which was the B-horror movie that scared you the most. Does it still scare you? 

In 1986, I was a young kid--and admittedly a bit of a wuss--when my father's younger brother brought home a movie to watch. It's called The Creeps, and it gave me plenty sleepless nights. In fact, this was the flick that started my love/hate relationship with zombies. Don't ask. It's complicated. For one, they are a bit self-involved, but they are soooo driven!

Anyway, here you have the trailer for this jewel of the 80s. Now, tell me it doesn't sound awful-ly good?



Lori Parker BookwormPOV said...

Rose Red

Craig said...

I always loved the director of "Night of the Creeps" other effort, "Monster Squad." As far as a B-movie that scared me, I'd say "Critters" disturbed me when I was a child. Maybe because I grew up in the South and could imagine those creatures hanging out in a nearby barn.

Lori Parker BookwormPOV said...

Were the "critters" anything like an attack of vengeful Tribbles? I'm another southerner, and I can vouch that there is nothing as dark and frightening as the middle-of-southern-nowhere at night.

Jeanette J said...

Tarantula always scared me when I was a kid and then Kingdom of the Spiders when I was a bit older. (I sense a pattern here)

Anonymous said...

Hi Georgina,

I happened to be grave-digging in the #CoffinHop boneyard and I accidently dug up your coffin. Of course I had to take a peek inside.
Hope you have been having an awesome coffinhop.
- Kim K

Chris Fries said...


"B" movies that were actually scary? I can think of several that were cheesy fun.

But really scary? Maybe the old original black and white "Night of the Living Dead".

Chris Fries said...

Oh, and I almost forgot to wish you a Very Happy Halloween!!!

Deniz Bevan said...

B movies are so much fun! I can't remember if I was ever really scared by them but... on the other hand, some of the first ever Doctor Who episodes feel like B Movies and I remember how frightened I was when I "met" the Daleks for the first time. And Davros freaked me out no end.

Happy Hallowe'en!

Misha Gericke said...

Mmmm, I don't think I've seen any of the movies that were named. :-/

Georgina Morales said...

@Lori: I loved Rose Red. It is a spooky premise, but the book really blew my mind.

@Craig: I enjoyed Critters, though I saw it too old to buy into the idea of it. Still, my sister and I used to jump from sofa to sofa avoiding the floor. =)

@Jeanette: Oh, god! Spiders are ALWAYS creepy, no matter in they get the whole movie or just a cameo. *shivers*

@Hey Kim! Thanks for stopping by!

@Chris: Well, you are right in that most B movies weren't scary, though like our southerners have attest here, it depends a lot of your age and location. The silliest may become scary, too. And Happy Halloween to you, too!

@Deniz: You are so right! The very early Dr Who's had an eerie B-movie quality. Some still scare the pants off me. =)

@Misha: Well, thanks for commenting anyway! =)

Mina Lobo said...

Holy cats, was that Sarah Silverman???

I only vaguely remember this...Monster Squad was among my faves, but would that be considered a B movie? I'd call it 80s comedy-pop-horror, but I have a weird labeling system. :-)
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