Wednesday, July 2, 2014


So, I've been racking my brains trying to think of a good topic to post on the blog for quite a few weeks already. So far, nothing. I think the well of my ideas is going through a drought due to acute stress. Is funny how preparing to move to another country can do that to you. Anyway, this is the only lousy idea I came up with: A throwback Thursday kind of post minus the pictures (though if you find a way to add pictures in the comments, I'd be delighted. I LOVE pictures).

Lame? Maybe, just bear with me.

The idea is to think back to that time BEFORE you were part of the IWSG. How was your life like then? How did you feel as a writer? If you happened to stumble onto this blog and not be a part of the group, first let me tell you it's an amazing, supportive group and you should join. Second, you can still participate, just think of your life, say, five years ago. How much have you changed and what events were the drivers of such change? Do you feel it's been a possitive change? Go ahead, share. Do your best to paint a picture of yourselves at that time. It should be an interesting exercise!

Now, I'll go first. I joined the IWSG about three, maybe four years ago. I was beginning my writing carreer but didn't have much to show for. I had already a novella and a short story published, but since then about a year had passed without me writing much else. I was in French school for eight hours a day, then homework, family time, and cleaning time. Not much writer time for me and I felt guilty. I also was extremely insecure about my ability to write. What if those first success stories were a single, unique event? What if no other publisher would think my work was worth it? My books weren't selling like bread either, so fat chances that publisher would bet on me again, right? Maybe it was because I really had no talent.

I vowed to dedicate some time to my writing, at least to my blog, so I started participating in blog hops. That's when the real lucky break came for me. I met ninja writer Alex Cavanough in one of those blogs and was introduced to this novelty idea, a support group for writers struggling with confidence. Want to join? Hell to the yes!

At first it was a bit intimidating to open your soul for complete strangers to see, but to my surprise everyone was not only supportive, but their stories were so similar to mine! Turns out more often than not people expressed the same doubts and fears I was going through. I learned to cope, I got invaluable advice, and I went back to writing fiction.

Today I feel much more secure of myself, even after a new period of uncertitude in my live. I'm not writing as much as before, and my blog has fallen a bit on the wayside, but I know the writing bug is in me, ready to come back to live stronger than ever once the stress goes away. I'm trying to branch out now and write literary fiction; those are big boy's books now! I sent my first story to an editor friend of mine completely terrified that she would be offended at my lack of technique. I'm not too bad with grammar, but still, living with the stigma of "oh, you're not a native speaker" is a powerful thing. So I closed my eyes and hit the send button. Turns out she wasn't horrified. Of course the story needs loads of work, but that's okay. I'll learn the ins and outs of the genre as I learned with horror. The only way is up. However, I don't think I'd be so Kumbaya if it weren't for all the years of support from this group.

To all of those that have visited me over the years and offered words of wisdom and support, thank you. Know that you've made a real difference in my life. To those new to the group, welcome. Feel comfortable and free; we might be a bit crazy a times, but we're harmless. And we like to help.

Now it's your turn. Share away! And remember to clink on the dedicated page above to find a complete list of the participating blogs!


shelly said...

I'm at work right now. So I'll have to keep this short. I've been with the group for a while. I can't tell you for how long though. I'm self-pubbed which is just as nerve wracking as waiting for an acceptance letter.

Hugs and chocolate!

Lexa Cain said...

When I first started writing, I would never have dreamed there was such a big, inter-dependent community of writers out there - nor that it would turn out that I'd need their help and support so very much. Live and learn. Good luck with writing literary!

Georgina Morales said...

Shelly, I think being a self-pub writer is even more nerve-wracking! You are a brave woman! Also, there's a lot more work involved than just getting the manuscript to the publisher, I just wouldn't know how to do all that. Congrats!

Lexa, I know, right?! Who would've thunk?! We're actually a very nice group to belong to. I've yet to be treated badly or being refused help when I asked. Writers are cool!

Joe Bloghead said...

I think everyone feels insecure every now and then, particularly with something creative like writing fiction.

If it's worth anything, I've been reading your blog on and off for a while, and I hadn't realised that you weren't a native English speaker, so you're doing pretty well.

Georgina Morales said...

Thanks Joe! It does feel a bit rewarding to hear it from completely unbiased people. I'm kind of used by now to the comments, though sometimes I have to bite my tongue to keep from answering. ;-)

Michael Pierce said...

This group was also my major introduction to the blogging community. I never wanted to comment on someone else's blog before then. IWSG tore down that barrier for me. I think Alex has helped many newbie bloggers and continues to support them as they grow. He's quite a guy!

Georgina Morales said...

I know. Alex's the man!

Tyrean Martinson said...

I know that it's helped me tremendously to know that I'm not alone in the crazy insecurities of writing. I'm very thankful for IWSG.