Wednesday, September 3, 2014


There's an old saying in Spanish: "There's no date that doesn't arrive, term that won't reach an end, nor debt that doesn't get paid." So far in my life, I have found that these are words you can live by. As much as you dread a moment, a meeting, a change, you can't stop time from slipping by, getting you closer to that date with each ticking of the clock. As long and hard as a that gloomy period in your life seems to be, it'll reach an end and the sun will shine once more. And that last one, debts that have to be paid, looks a lot like karma--which I blindly believe in.

So, yeah. I find comfort in those words that have been repeated a million times over through centuries. They still ring true today. Actually, if you think about it, every uncertainty that enters your life walks by the hand of inevitability. Funny how two concepts so seemingly opposed can be in reality so closely related...

But why am I writing about this, you ask? Well, after all that stressing and depressing, our relocation to Montreal from Connecticut has finally arrived. We're here, in temporary housing while we hunt for the perfect house. We arrived to the West Island section of Montreal a week ago and it looks awesome. I don't know if I'm in denial or if my expectations of the move were so bleak that almost anything is good, but I actually am happy with the way things are going.

West Island is a predominantly anglophone area, which helps a lot to my positive thinking. We've heard amazing things of the school district and Welcome Programs in the elementary school, which has gone to relief at least 50% of the nightmares I was having. Finally, the area is so far from downtown Montreal--a good and a bad thing in itself--that it has the feeling of a small european town from a hundred years ago. Beautiful!

I know harder times are coming as school starts soon and my kids, who know less than the basics of french, will have to attend an all-french school. Still, I'm trying to concentrate on the positives. I'm determined to go back to that novel I've been working on for forever, and that means I won't be writing short stories for some time, but just the clicking, soft touch of the keys on my fingers feel so good! I missed writing so much and hadn't even realized it.

What can I tell to all of you reading this that are going through some stressful time? Confront your demons, grab the bull by the horns, embrace the inevitable. Dreading the fact will only bring you nightmares and a hell of an ulcer. If you take action and move forward, it might still be a trying time, but at least you'll be working on the solution.

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