Wednesday, November 5, 2014

IWSG November Edition

I don't know where the year went but there's an extra cozy layer in my bed and I'm wearing scarfs and jackets all the time. Yep, winter is a-coming. Now many of us write in a panic-induce fervor, trying to accomplish as much as possible to feel like we didn't waste another year of our lives. Others call it NaNoWriMo.

(That was a joke. I totally admire all of you who have the passion and stamina to even attempt NaNoWriMo. Hat's off to you!)

As many of you know, this has been a hectic second half of the year for my family. I've been concentrated in our move, finding a new house, selling the old one, and getting the girls started in a new school and new language. That left me no mind to write at all. Before I noticed, 4 months had passed. Lately, though, I can see the family settling into a rhythm; there's still much to get used to, but the stress level has gone down for everyone and I feel like we are finally in our way. So last week, I decided it was time to go back to my writing. Except that my brain hurts from trying so hard, my hand cramps after writing too much, and my fingers move too slow over the keyboard.

Way to start over... Thankfully, the Coffin Hop was just around the corner. Of all the blog hops I've participated through the years, the Coffin Hop's the one I've enjoyed the most. I decided to use the hop as a training camp. I researched my theme, wrote roughs by hand, and typed everything into my blog later on. I followed a schedule and put my butt on the chair weather I felt like it or not. And I had a blast.

With the success of the hop, now I feel empowered to tackle my latest novel project and I have a plan. Like I said, I just don't have the stamina to try NaNo, but I've decided to set a more realistic approach for myself. I'm going to dedicate every day of the week (but take the weekends off for family stuff) from here until a week before Christmas to write my novel. If I write an average of 3000 words/day, I'll be done with the first draft by then. So far I've been crippled by my own critical mind, obsessed over covering every plot hole I can think off before I even start. So this time I won't think too much, I'll simply write. It'll need a boatload of work, it'll be crap, but it'll be done. I can work with that. What I can't do is edit a piece that isn't written.

So wish me good luck, my fellow insecure writers, as I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Good luck in your writing endeavors! May the Muse be with you.

And don't forget to support other insecure fellas. Just follow this link...

Monday, November 3, 2014

Coffin Hop Winner

Halloween has passed us by, most trees are bare of leaves, and a cold breeze nips at our noses. Yep, November's here.

I had a fantastic time not only researching mythological creatures from all over the world, but visiting all the blogs that participated in this year's Coffin Hop. There were lots of interesting topics and many scary stories to share. Thanks to all who stopped by here and commented. You are the reason why the hop is such a wild success.

Now comes the time to award one lucky commenter an issue of the new magazine Jamais Vu: Journal of Strange Among the Familiar

But first, to everyone who isn't familiar with the magazine, this is a new independent magazine that has garnered a lot pf praise from genre critics. With big names like Harlan Ellison writing regularly and high quality stories, Jamais Vu has something for everyone to enjoy. However, as any emerging market, it needs of everyone's help to truly succeed. Now, this is not to tell you to go buy an issue--though you should, I'm telling you it's great!--but to talk to others about it. If you know of a horror lover, tell him/her about this mag. It's only through word of mouth that all small endeavours eventually turn big. I'm a big believer of this magazine and I know the group of people behind it are committed to excellence, so even though I have yet to sell a story to them (they are a pro-paying market), I still want them to succeed.

But back to our regularly scheduled giveaway... I wrote all the names of the people who commented on the blog throughout the hop in small pieces of paper, threw them into my daughter's Perry fedora, and asked her to select one with her eyes closed.

And the winner is....


Congratulations! You have 48 hours to claim your price.

To all those who were involved in the hop, I hope it you enjoyed the ride. I know I did!

Happy belated Halloween to all and may you have a beautiful Holiday season.