What others are saying about PERPETUAL NIGHT

"Yet another amazing book from Post Mortem Press. I loved the story but wished it ran a bit longer. The editing is great, the story is dark and gripping. Any horror fan should love this novella." ~DQ Splatterpunk

"I started reading it with the intention of reading a couple of pages and going to bed. Well I could not put it down!" ~Donald Franklin

"With Lilibeth, you're taken for a wild ride of supernatural reality versus illusion, especially when it comes to her freakish dreams, which evolve into freakier and scary nightmares. Perpetual Night is a great novella." ~David L. Brown.

"Don't miss out on this jewel of a story!" ~DT Hatchell

"Georgina Morales's Perpetual Night has a way of drawing you in and holding you there until the end." ~JD

"The story is unique, the characters are personable, and trying to figure out fact from fiction is part of the fun. If you enjoy stories of the supernatural, Perpetual Night will be right up your alley." ~Book Reviews Weekly

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