Sunday, November 3, 2013

Coffin Hop Winners and IWSG

I want to start by thanking the amazing people who make possible the Coffin Hop: Axel Howerton and Julie Jansen. Their dedication to organizing and visiting everyone's blog shows in the success of the hop, year after year. To all of those who participated, reading your entries was a lot of fun, and the prizes were awesome. And finally, to all of you who kept coming back to read and comment, I owe you a debt of gratitude I cannot pay. I HAD A BLAST and hop you feel the same.

So, the winner of a digital copy of DEATH BY DRIVE-IN, the Coffin Hop anthology, is:


Please, leave your email in the comment section so we can get in contact to send you the file.

And like that October is gone and November is here. The year is coming to an end, can you believe it? For the penultimate Insecure Writers' Support meeting I don't have a sad story or a personal moment of self doubt. Instead I want to direct a message to all IWSGs participating in NaNoWriMo this year:

Source: Terrible Minds

Because I value my sanity and my marriage, I don't participate in NaNo. One day the girls will be grown up and I won't have PTO meetings, Girl Scouts duty, soccer, or swimming. Then I'll pound the heck off my computer keys and join you in the fun. But in the meantime, I'll live vicariously through you. 

Keep writing, guys. Don't worry about good writing, just write. You'll edit tomorrow. Go you!!


Blaze McRob said...

Hi, sweet lady. You have won four of Nicole Hadaway's ebooks on my blog. Yes, four. I know you will enjoy these. I will get the coupons to you. Thank you for participating in Coffin Hop!


Lexa Cain said...

I love that saying on the pic. I think you have to have that attitude to do well in NaNo. Don't worry, when the kids are grown, you'll write reams and reams and be a bestselling author! :-)

Nana Prah said...

That saying on the pic is awesome. I think you have chosen the better of the two, taking care of your family is more important.

Michael Pierce said...

That's a great message. I feel the same way about NaNo. There's no way I get get that much written with all my obligations pulling me in a million directions. But I'm working on writing at my own pace and plan to still stack up the pages.

Chris Fries said...

Wow -- missed this last week! Sorry!

I absolutely love that picture -- what a fabulous message.

Hope you're doing great!

Mina Lobo said...

"Because I value my sanity..." LOL. Gina, I am SO WITH YOU! Although my sanity is questionable. ;-) Yeah, I can't handle NaNo with my current life's schedule (I know this for sure, 'cause I tried in 2008 and couldn't finish). Maybe some year.