About Georgina

Born out of a woman who could do pretty much everything while holding a book in her hand, reading came just as natural as breathing to Georgina Morales. Endowed with a vast imagination, it grew boundless with the worlds between the pages, and the progression from reader to writer came as inexorable as January must precede February. However, her almost equal attraction to science kept her from Professional Writing until, upon insistence of her family, she decided to give it a go.

Her debut novel was published by PostMortem Press in 2011, along with a short story. She currently juggles her work as freelance writer, novelist, and short story writer. After a short stint as a gypsy, she recently decided to settle down in the coastal town of Norwalk, Ct. along with her husband, two daughters, their beagle, and their old, grumpy cat.

Book Lover

Georgina will read most anything but her heart lies with the horror genre, and like most lovers of it, she's been inspired by the likes of Stephen King, John Saul, Edgar Allan Poe, and Lovecraft. But her Latin American side must be appeased as well. Masters like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Gustavo Adolfo Bequer, and Lorca have lighted her way, too.

Why Horror

From early on Georgina felt fascinated by the horror genre. The visually stunning covers tantalized her with promises of endless darkness and obscure tales. While other girls dreamed of becoming princesses, her young mind was already spinning stories of madness to fit those covers. Then, surrounded by a culture rich with centuries of folk tales, the pull the genre had on her only grew stronger.

Like most teens, she played Ouija, but her curiosity pushed her farther and after years of reading, she ventured into the paranormal. A Medical Doctor by trade, her long stay within hospital walls opened her eyes to many more stories and even a few experiences. And years later, after her move to Eastern US, another land of great mystique and ghost stories as old as time, she felt perfectly at home surrounded by dark woods and abandoned buildings full of promise.

It is from those old places and memories that she writes, still spinning stories from inside the obscure corridors of the mind where not many venture and very few come out alive.

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