Being alone, it's something that most of us feel at one time or another. Isolation and the sense of being separated from the rest of the world is one of the most terrifying of emotions for many of us. The terror of being alone is embedded into our makeup from the dawn of time and mankind's entry into the world.

This collection of stories speaks to the many facets of isolation, of being alone and what it does to us. The horrors that can spring out of that darkness we are warned to not venture into is as infinite as the darkness itself.

Includes my story FRANCIS plus new fiction from TL Barrett, Charles A Muir, Ricky Massengale, Georgina Morales, Matt Kurtz, Tiffany Wilson, Kenneth W Cain, Alex Azar, and AA Garrison.

Introduction by Jessica Dwyer.

"... among the hot new voices in horror!" ~Jonathan Maberry, NYTimes Bestselling Author

"...when I had to put my e-reader down, and I was eager to get back to the story to see what would transpire next." ~Kevin Hopson, author of Darkness Abound


A collection of short stories and poems resurrect the spirit of the Gothic Blue Book. Gothic Blue Books were short fictions popular in the 18th and 19th century. They were descendants of the chap book trade. Burial Day Books presents its third Gothic Blue Book III, The Graveyard Edition. The following short stories and poems honor the Gothic story. Misery, fear, despair, regret and dread are highlighted in the following pages, stirring old ghosts, witches, and awakening death. The following collection of new and established horror authors weave together brilliant tales of terror celebrating the history of the Gothic story with a new twist. 
Includes my short A DIARY OF MADNESS along stories from Die Booth, Nicole DeGennaro, K. Trap Jones, Michael Kellar, Edward J. McFadden III, Jessica McHugh, Peter Adam Salomon, and many others.


Includes my flash IN THE END. Coming in January 2014 from Dark Moon Books.


Includes my story TAMAM SHUD. Coming in 2014 from Padwolf Publications.

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